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Domain Name System Request Form

The Domain Name System (DNS) provides a convenient way to translate numerical computer IP Addresses into recognizable domain names. This form serves as the official DNS Request form for Kentucky government. It is used for new DNS  requests as well as for changing the IP address of an existing domain name. Please note, that as a rule, Kentucky State Government domain names advertised to the general public must reside in the domain. For more information, see Enterprise Standard 7010 -- Internet Domain Naming Conventions Microsoft Word Document. Requests falling outside the standards must be requested via the exception form, available via the Exceptions to Enterprise Architecture and Standards web page. This document also contains specific information for Local Government jurisdictions wishing to apply for the suffix. Local Government should note that in addition to the form below, the following hardcopy documents must also be submitted: 1) A formal request on official letterhead as outlined in the above-mentioned Enterprise Standard; and 2) a signed Local Government Condition of Use document.

You should receive an e-mail reply within 24-hours of submission of the form confirming its receipt. If you have any questions, contact Barrett Richardson at 502 564-0479 or by email at

Upon implementation of the DNS request, the Web server administrator will need to configure the Web server to recognize the DNS name and point it to the correct directory. If your website will reside on a Web server other than the state's primary server,, you must include the IP number of the server. If your site will reside on the primary state Web server, enter as the IP number. If you know the directory you want the domain name to point to, list that structure in the comments section (i.e. /data/agencies/youragencydirectory/subdirifneeded/)

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NOTE: If this request requires subdelegation, understand that the jurisdiction must review all site content on a continuing basis to ensure meeting criteria for use of (See Standard 7010.)

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